Sneak Peek

Watch this space to see teasers for upcoming patterns.

Currently the designing gurus at TTD are working on bringing you a new pattern called Pertinacity.


While my testers and I were working on this pattern, many visions of water and waves were coming to mind.  That got me thinking.

I was lucky enough to grow up overseas in a little town in West Germany called Mainz, which sits along the Rhein River.  My family spent many a weekend traveling up and down that river wandering through castles and finding waterfalls and rock falls and just so many things for a kid of 6 to 13 to discover.

I’ve been to where that river flows out into the North Sea.  We spent our last New Year, before returning States-side, on the island Borkum, finding starfish and seaweed and just enjoying the patterns the waves made on the beach, knowing that some of the waves carried water from my beloved Rhein.

Years later I made my own way to Northern California and regularly took my beloved Cliffy Mutt to Salmon Creek beach to play in the waves, enjoy the ocean, and to get away from it ‘all.’ It helped me recharge through many personal struggles.

Pertinacity itself is a mix of courage, conviction, and a little (in my case a lot of) stubbornness.  Like the water of our beloved haunts, our life itself is Pertinacity.  You stick with it.  You do not give up.  You keep going.

Water’s pertinacity shows in the paths it carves to make its way.  These days, I tell my story of pertinacity with the designs I bring you.  I hope that, in some small way, working this cowl will help you find your pertinacity.