Friday, September 16, 2016

Turtle Trail Shawlette

TTD is proud to release our first shawlette pattern - Turtle Trail Shawlette

The primary sample was done up using Knerd String Fingering from The Loopy Ewe.

The main body is done up in increasing garter stitch and finished off with a lace border bind off. 

A friend and I are math geeks and we both recently got a pattern that the math just wouldn’t work on. No way, no how! So I rewrote that pattern using a crescent upper and using the pattern’s lace border, in which the math finally worked.

She challenged me to come up with my own lace for the border to make it all truly my own, so out came the stitch dictionaries.

I wanted to make the repeats match the number of rows in the original pattern and I got stuck with tunnel vision on that MUST DO IT LIKE THAT. It was late and I couldn’t silence that inner voice that said “knock it off! this is YOUR pattern, find a pattern that works for you and make the math work.”

So here we are. This is my own interpretation of one of the many Trail of the Turtle stitch variations. It is true to none of them completely, but honors them all.

I do not recommend heavily variegated nor self striping yarns. They will get lost in the lace and you have no control over the color pooling. Stick with tonals or solids.

The pattern is easily made larger, but you will have to guess on the yardage.