Wednesday, March 1, 2017


TTD is proud to bring you our first collection piece Dichotomy

Dichotomy means many things and can be interpreted in different ways. In botany, it means repeated branching into two equal parts. In other areas, it is a contrast between two things that are represented as being opposed or simply different.

As the March pattern for the DFW Designers Volume 1 collection, I started thinking about the dichotomy of the season change that happens in March. Spring is coming, but Winter is still holding on for dear life.

In North Texas, you know that Spring is winning when the bluebonnets start to bloom. There may still be snow or that horrid cold rain, but the bluebonnets are here, so Winter is on its way out.

I wanted a design that would represent the coming of Spring with the understanding that Winter is not ready to let go yet. Texas-based yarn company Yarn Carnival had what I was looking for: a colorway reminiscent of fields of bluebonnets with its purples, blues, greens, and browns paired with a tonal grey colorway that reminds one of angry winter clouds and remnants of snow on the ground.

The botanical dichotomy of the primary sample comes from its almost equal parts with the dichotomy of difference coming from the bluebonnets forcing the snow to give way.

While I hope you like the colors chosen, as the other two samples show, you are welcome to find a way to represent your own dichotomy in the colors you choose. Be it a gorgeous deep ocean held down by storm clouds or contrasting rusts, browns, and golds of Autumn leaves. The interpretation is yours. Enjoy.