Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Hey Everyone!

Pertinacity had a great opening weekend at the McKinney Knittery Booth at DFW Fiber Fest 2018.

We are going to keep the good will going through the 15th!

Be sure to stop by McKinney Knittery and pick up some Magpie Fiber's or YOTH yarn to get your code for the pattern.

After the 15th, all proceeds for Pertinacity will go to the Beagle Freedom project.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

or at least playing in the parking garage.

That's right!

TTD is sponsoring parking at DFW Fiber Fest this year for the whole weekend!

Please be aware that NO PATTERN PROCEEDS were used to fund this sponsorship.  It was all personal funds.  Unless otherwise stated, all pattern proceeds support our mission to support animal welfare and suicide awareness. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Crossing Eternity Surprise Bonus Hat!

Y'all. Can I tell you how awesome pgletsmom is on Raverly?

She was one of my testers for the cowl and she really wanted a matching/complimentary hat to do with it when she was done.  

As I was in the middle of finishing up samples of Pertinacity, I was not getting to the hat any time soon.

But right before CE released, I managed to throw it all together and gave her my extra skein of one of the colors she needed and away she ran with it.

Today we released an update to Crossing Eternity with the hat added as a bonus to the end.

Her sample will remain unique.  We decided it needed to be longer so I adjusted the chart prior to today's release.

You will need just over half of a skein of each color to complete the hat.  Using size US3 (3.25mm) needles you will end up with a hat that is about 22" in circumference which should fit most adults.  There is a point in the pattern where I recommend that you try on the hat and decide if you want to add a couple of more plain  rows before you start the decreases.

i hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to see how you work yours up.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Releasing Feb 27: Crossing Eternity

Crossing Eternity is off the needles and blocked and ready for it's debut!

You will need one skein each in two contrasting colors of DK with at least 200 yds per skein to make this double knit Celtic Eternity Knot cowl.

My primary sample was made using Buffalo Wool Co's Buffalo Skies DK in True North and Still Water.  One of my testers used Ghost Dancer and True North with the darker color as her main front color.  Check out the pattern page on Ravelry to see her pic; it's stunning.

For those of you that may not think Bison fiber is your thing - please rethink this, I cannot stress enough how light and airy and springy and warm this worked up to be with the bison/merino blend - we also have a sample coming in Mrs. Crosby's Carpet Bag DK in Icebox Watermelon and Greystone.

Measurements for the Tall pattern option are 10" high by 24" around.  There is a short option chart for those that want a more scarf like cowl width.

I cannot wait to see your interpretation.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sneak Peek - Crossing Eternity

TTD has a sneak peek set up for you of a new pattern coming soon.

Check out our Sneak Peek tab at the top for more information.

This design uses Buffalo Wool Company's Buffalo Skies DK.  You will get a nice thick cowl without a lot of weight due to the loft provided by the bison fiber.  Also, the bison paired with the merino, makes this extra cozy and warm.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Agnate - Knit and Crochet

We here at TTD are not tied to any one crafting type.  We love to knit and we love to crochet with the occasional sewing thrown in for good measure. 

This month we are releasing two patterns, one knit and one crochet, as part of the DFW Designer Collection Volume 2.

With the collection branching out to include crochet this year, I decided that my two patterns needed to be related to each other if not identical.

Most of what I design ties back to my own story and how I got here and a lot of that was/is influenced by my brother’s passing.  This is why I chose Agnate as the name: it means related through males.

My brother and I are three months apart.  We had so much fun confusing people with that information, which came about because we are adopted.

We are Agnate through him and I hope you use the pattern to join me and other kindred spirits in bringing our craft to others, be it knit or crochet. 

The knit version, is reversible, but like identical twins do not have the same fingerprints, at its core this cowl is not an entire match front to back, but you have to look close to see the differences.

The crochet version, while not reversible front to back, has mirrored cables on the front, to denote how while we may not always look like our relatives, we can see some of them in ourselves.

Thank you for using my pattern to expand your fiber family tree.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Make Up in Love

It is our pleasure here at TTD to bring you our first baby blanket offered under our label.  Please say hello to Make Up in Love.

While trying to find a simple pattern for friends that just announced they were expecting, our local yarn crawl, the DFW Yarn crawl, started.

When out and about the first weekend of the crawl, I fell down hard in the trunk show of one of my favorite indie yarn dyers, Yarn Carnival.  Ana and Matt have a wonderful way with their colors.

As my friend is expecting a baby girl, I was looking for complimentary colors and I knew I wanted speckles.  Lo and behold, I fell in love with Love!  I pinged Ana and Matt later that same week and asked which of their tonals would complement Love. I could not decide between four possible colors.  Endless Summer was chosen, though Beet came home with me too.

I wanted the speckles as the main body, with the tonal to border it to accent the speckle colors.  Do not be afraid of the crochet edging.  If you truly never want to crochet, there is a seed stitch option, but I promise the crochet is just your basics:  chain, single, half double and double crochet.

While the pattern is written for fingering weight yarn, you may choose to expand it to make something for yourself out of DK or Worsted weight.  If you want to make it bigger than 3’ by 3’, there is a chart that allows you to keep going once the written instructions stop for the main body.  The seed stitch edge does not care what row you start at, the crochet edge does.

Remember, you are never tied to any designer’s vision for a pattern.  Make this up in colors that speak to you and to the little (or big) person that gets to enjoy it for years to come.  But I do ask that you make it up in love.