Sunday, May 14, 2017

Never So Dark

TTD is proud to bring you Never So Dark

This pattern is a collaboration between Tiny Tyrant Designs and indie dyer Safronie, the color master behind The Knitting Fairy exclusive Fairy Tales yarn. 

The idea for this pattern came about due to a desire to create something to bring awareness to a cause that has unfortunately impacted both of us.  We have both lost a friend or a family member to suicide.  In our separate ways, we have both individually supported different organizations to help with prevention, ranging from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to Project Semicolon to the Trevor Project. 

The colors chosen for the primary sample are a play on the Project Semicolon blue.  We initially thought to use a black to offset the blue; to show the struggle between the light and the dark.  However, as Safronie was working up the colors, she remembered the most important thing that we wish those struggling would remember in their darkest hour:  that is it is never so dark that the black takes over. 

I am hoping that I have done both the yarn and the premise justice with the design.  I wanted to show that even when it looks like the dark is winning, the light can come through.  It’s not always light and it’s not always dark.  Life is an intertwined balance of both. 

All proceeds from the sale of this pattern will go to Project Semicolon, in memory of my brother and Safronie’s friend(s).  It will be available from The Knitting Fairy and digitally via Ravelry.

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